Naruto Roast Bonus Pod Update
Hey everyone! I wanted to preemptively apologize and say that the Naruto Roast bonus pod for April has been a bit delayed. It'll still be coming out soon, but the end of last month was a lot more demanding of our individuals times than we expected, and opportunities to record have been sparse. We've gotten a good portion of it completed, and there is some really great stuff that I think everyone will enjoy, but I do want to apologize and let you know it probably will not come out until closer to the end of the week.

This won't count against May. We've got a separate bonus pod for May, and I anticipate no issues getting that out. It's these more ambitious bonus pods that end up giving us the most issues.

I will note: if you were a Champion Patron in April, but not in May, you won't be able to grab the download link off Patreon when it comes out. In that case, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will ensure that you get your copy when it is released. Thanks for the patience, everybody!

As a quick aside--the Bonus Pod we'll be doing for May will be a Top 10 podcast counting down our Top 10 Manga Fights. If you've got any suggestions on what should make the list, let us know!