Nascent Steps: Update for the Near & Far

Hello Fellow Creatures!

I just wanted to give you a run down of what’s to come in the next couple months and also what’s to come beyond that. 

Beyond the Familiar - 2016

First off, I want to give a huge thank you to all of you that have chosen to support me so early in this quest. The transition has been tough, and a bit slow, so I really appreciate the faith you’ve bestowed upon me in these initial stages. If this were a fantasy novel, we would be walking out of the village we grew up in to leave behind the only world we’ve ever known. The status quo has been shattered and we’ve been thrust out of our normal familiarities to find our place in this strange, new world. At this point, we’re still traveling amongst recognizable surroundings, though facing new and unexpected conflicts. Soon, we’ll be stepping up to a precipice to look upon the vast, endless landscape of the unknown. It’s a bit overwhelming and frightening, but also exhilarating to know we'll soon be traveling into the uncharted wilds. It’s heartening to take the first steps of this journey with all of you accompanying me in this ragtag adventure party. I’m still not exactly sure where this adventure will take us, but I’m so glad and appreciative to have you all take these first steps with me. Your support will help me immensely through out all the twists and turns along the way and I'm looking forward to getting to know you more and meeting more companions along the way… I just hope this adventure won’t lead to giant spiders.

Coming soon

I’m currently working on at least 8 pieces for my upcoming show at Outré Gallery, which opens October 19th in Melbourne Australia. I'll be showing with the awesome Sean Mahan

I'm also working on 1 piece for the upcoming BLAB! Group Show, which opens on September 8th at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. These shows are always beyond excellent. 

I'll post more about these shows as they come up closer. Click on the links below for more info from the galleries. 

Outré Show 

BLAB! Show 

Show Notes:

This upcoming Outré Gallery show will be the first big show I’ve done in a long time that will consist solely of Oil & Acrylic Paintings. My work life as a whole has gotten overwhelmingly complicated over the past few years and I’ve decided to take steps to simplify my workflow. This meant stepping away from resin paintings. My time working with resin was extremely gratifying and fruitful, but managing it was always a logistical nightmare. My mind was always crammed with the planning of layers and the sequencing of those layers and techniques to use on all those separate layers. On top of that, the whole process was saturated in self doubt and uncertainty until that last layer was applied and I could finally acknowledge that 5 months of my life weren’t wasted on an abstract concept that I could never know would actually work until it was fully completed. Its enough to make you crazy and cause you to write an overly long statement with very questionable grammar. 

All of these paintings are still in their beginning stages so I won’t have any Progress Reports coming for a couple weeks. But I assure you there will be plenty to come in the Progress Report department very soon and I look forward to sharing them all with you. Until then, I’m going to rewind the clock and post some Progress Report posts of some recent work I’ve already completed. I took pics of a lot of my paintings as I worked on them, but never really had the right vehicle in which to use them. Expect one of these posts in a few days. 

Also, big announcement, this will be the last big art show that I do for the foreseeable future. More about that below. 

Coming later than soon

Multiversal Coalescnce - 2016

As I’ve mentioned, I’m at a major crossroad in my career and I’ve had to make some abrupt and drastic choices. Last week, I made one of my most abrupt and drastic choices by officially cancelling all my upcoming art shows in 2019 and onward. To be super real, painting sales in the last couple years have been pretty abysmal. Which is a problem when you spend 8 solid, months of your life frantically making paintings for a show and then having most of those paintings not sell. These last 2 years have been a long string of financial and psychological gut punches, and I’m pretty sure from the blood coming out of my mouth indicates massive internal hemorrhaging. Figuratively speaking of course. Sales hadn’t been a problem for me for most of my professional life, but I’ve reached a point that if I keep going down my current path and hoping for the best, there’s a highly probable chance this artistic dream of mine will veer off a cliff die in a fiery blaze. Which will be sooner than later if I don’t act now. I can’t let this happen. Not only because creating is all I know and want to do, but also because I have been out of the workforce for over a decade and have no useful or practical skills at the age of 40. Not a great recipe for having to find a job. 

My long term plan is to complete these upcoming shows, then take the next year or so to focus on digital work and to figure my shit out. This includes enrolling in an online school to to study environmental concept design and character design. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn and master, and we’ll see where that all leads me. But along the way, I’ll continue to make personal work, including traditional paintings, and offer them to you. I definitely plan on doing more art shows in the future, but on a smaller scale. Most likely shared shows and group shows to ensure that I’m not back in a position where I’m depending on art sales to support me. With my hiatus from art shows, another of my main focuses will be on Patreon and you, my fellow Guild Members. Right now, I’m stuck between a few different worlds which makes it hard to find time to post. I’m very much looking forward to a time where I can fully commit to Patreon and provide all of you with a bunch of content. 

All in all, my main goal is to get to point where I can securely live on my imagination and create cool and engaging imagery for those of you out there that will appreciate it. Maybe even get to a point where I have the audacity to pursue one of my insanely ambitious creative projects. Who knows. But first thing is first. Time to take one last look upon the familiar village that’s fading out of view, steel our nerves, and take those first steps into the unknown. You’ve all done your part by being here and supporting me, so again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Travel well-