Nashville !
Note to my beloved Patreons: This is a free post

I am sitting here sipping my coffee on this chilly Wednesday morning, feeling blessed beyond words. In less than two weeks, my husband and I are moving into our own little apartment in Nashville, TN. I could not be more excited.  

We move on January 23rd. We found out this last weekend when we were in town apartment shopping. It is VERY soon. I wanted you to know first. Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I don't have any definite plans when we arrive in town rather than: 

1.  Get a job  

 2. Start getting in touch with old contacts that are in town 

3. Attend as many open mic and writers nights as possible. AND most importantly 

4. A lot of prayer.

 I am telling you this because when I would tell people I was trying to move to Nashville, they would ask "Do you have a record deal or something?" The answer is no. I just have a gut feeling it is where I am supposed to be. Whether that is for the benefit of my music, or just me personally. I am praying for a lot of opportunity. Maybe I will attend college in a year or so. I do not know, I am going off of faith. I do have a small plan, but I have learned to write my plans in pencil and give God the pen. 

I cannot thank you enough for your support. I literally cannot do what I love to do without you.  Please keep in touch. I love hearing from you. Feel free to message me any questions at all, about anything. Music is a great way to connect to people. I hope to be making more soon ! If I am a little MIA for the next couple weeks, now you know why :) 

With a thankful and humble heart,

and all my love,