nat in art land 3.0 - the making of #ArtFFAIR

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last saturday , august 19, me and my patreon sisters SUZANNE WEGH and SUZANNE FORBES created a magical interactive artshow at LUDWIG in berlin. 

yes, interactive, because we invited people from the audience to join us, but i will explain that in the following post. 

this post is about we got there:

i was glad that curator SUZANNE WEGH took care of the organisation, because i live in hamburg and the show was in berlin. 

getting my paintings there was an adventure itself. i mailed my paintings to my friend alex first, because we didn't trust the mail, and suzanne wegh picked them up at his church. 

[alex is the coolest pastor of berlin (probably of the ) and i only got to know suzanne wegh in real life because she came to my vernissage at alex's church last year (before that we knew each other from social media ).]

(photo by suzanne wegh)

the hanging of the artworks took place without me and everybody involved did a great job. thank you so much!!! it looked great in real life. 

before the event i made some pictures to share on facebook, instagram and twitter, and i loved to see how it got kind of viral, because us makers (curator, artists plus featuring artists and everybody) regrammed,retweeted and shared the shit out of these 4 pictures. that was awesome!!!

this was a no budget art show, so we were grateful to have our featuring artists ALFRED LADYLIKE , MISS NATASHA ENQUIST, LEO GOLD and NANSEA  perform on donation base.

we had a little donation box on a table and a hat going around after the performance of the main music part of LEO GOLD and NANSEA (there was an extra music part of ALFRED LADYLIKE in the backroom later that night,more about that in the following post)

SUZANNE FORBES brought most delicious vegan treats, some with real edible gold on top (i took some rare leftovers home and my family loved i don´t really care about germs...). they were for sale for only 1 €.

and i brought some DIY mini prints of my "internuts selfie art project" (here is a post from august 2014, the first one i wrote about that project on tumblr)

so here are the artworx we exhibited at our show at LUDWIG in berlin (they might be there for 3 weeks in the FLUID GALLERY  of this beautiful place in berlin , neukölln):


(photo by suzanne wegh) the mobile with the bvg ticket doodles

SUZANNE WEGH's works consists of her own bainsplurts and random thoughts, moments out of dreams and the occasional songlyric that gets stuck in your brain, documented on the traintickets she has collected during her one year stay in Berlin. these BVG ticket doodles as she calls them started from a lack of having a proper sketch book, and continued as she hoarded the tickets as a rememberence of all the places she went to in berlin. they conveniently fit in a mintbox and are now the preferred medium to give her thoughts a visual platform and a way to express herself in a limited space. 



the amazing documentary drawings of previous events in berlin,check out for much much more!

the muse and the painting 

SUZANNE FORBES is a traditional figurative artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She has worked as a courtroom artist for CBS and CNN and as the monthly penciller for DC Comics’ Star Trek comic book.
Nowadays she teaches drawing at ESDIP in Friedrichshain and works as a live drawing documentarian. She goes around Berlin and draws people doing things, always committed to diversity and visibility for queer, goth and alternative culture. (

and these are MY pieces in our ArtFFAIR show

titles left to right: #coffeecrotch, eye of consciousness, mehrfach nutzbar, recycle more, verwenden.

the framed pieces are drawings on cut out paperbags from the local discounter (#recycling).

again, same muse as above, RAH with my "internuts selfie art project" paintings. she is on the painting on the right, the title of the painting is "ukulele blues".

dear patrons (i don´t have any, this is my first day on twitter ...talking to the void...HELLO...ELLO...LLo...lo...o...) it took me like forever to write this post (my whole life literally). my neck is tense and i need a bath and a snack and a book...all at the same time of course. 

i am planning to post more photos (and i made two videos of the backroom-show of ALFRED LADYLIKE ) of ArtFFAIR-das happening tonight. maybe you just check out the official fb evenpage until then, i see photos of other people popping up there in this moment. 

because of a lot of beautiful naked people (suzanne forbes live painting model MISS NATASCHA ENQUIST and my bodypainting model ALFRED LADYLIKE) and because the LUDWIG is a save spot, i need to put the next post behind the "paywall", i hope you understand that (you might like to check out part 2:  and part 3: )



please, if you share or post about our event,use the fucking hashtag #ArtFFAIR , i love you