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I'm now offering natal chart readings for adventurous souls interested in earnestly exploring  life.  I've been developing this system for going on 20 years and am consistently amazed at how well it works.  Compared to a lot of so-called "astrology" (a term I dislike) it's both systematic and rigorous in its approach.

Some may scoff and I sympathize if you do.  In an earlier phase of my life I thought no reasonable person could ever believe in this kind of thing.  

But now I can say with absolute confidence that the solar system is precisely reflected within everyone's inner life.  It is truly a miracle to discover that everyone is an expression of the poetry of the cosmos and that we are all intimately connected to the grand design.

Why It Works: the configuration of the solar system is the meta-state within which all earthly phenomena occurs.  When a being comes into existence it is supremely vulnerable - thus the solar system imprints itself upon that newly born soul.  

Chart interpretation is a matter of understanding the role of each object (sun, moon, planet, etc.), the significance of each object's placement in the yearly cycle (as represented by the signs) and the relation between the various objects of the solar system (so-called "aspects").

What's A Reading?  A natal chart reading is an in-depth conversation about your life (or the life of anyone whose birth information is known).  The chart provides a remarkably accurate representation of our experience and as such provides the basis for an in-depth discussion.  You decide where and how deep you want to go.  

The question at hand is always: how do we best go about navigating this complex maze called existence?  The chart provides an opportunity to open the mind to new ways of seeing ourselves, our place in the world and the opportunities available to us. 

Each of us are given at birth a set of strengths and weaknesses.  As we better understand our abilities and deficiencies we can more gracefully manage challenges and difficulties, identify opportunities for growth and relieve ourselves (and those around us) from unnecessary drama and suffering.

Still having doubts?  I offer the following challenge/guarantee: if you can honestly say that what I read in your chart bears no relation to your actual life’s experience I will cheerfully waive my fee.

Patrons receive a discount on readings.

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Disclaimers: My readings do not foretell the future - this is not fortune telling and there is no concept of predestination involved.  Technically this is not "astrology" (excepting our sun no star has a significant influence here).

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