The National Popular Vote Plan - A response
We are at a crossroads in our country, we decide for ourselves - state by state, what laws are passed and what laws pertain to us. This plan undermines that core principal by playing on the very divisive nature of this election and the results in order to push this narrative that voting by a National Popular Vote is a better idea than the current systems we have in place.

The National Popular Vote Plan will undermine the Electoral College process and institute mob rule. By making the states that has implemented this law swing states in favor of whoever wins the popular vote. This will only result in further disenfranchisement of the constituents of these states; and while it hasn't happened yet, it came very close to happening this year alone.

If Donald J Trump had won the Popular Vote (which he almost did, only 200,000-600,000 vote difference) he would have also won the Electoral votes of Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Vermont, California, Rhode Island, and New York. All states that voted either very heavily towards Hillary Clinton, or towards Hillary Clinton. If this had happened, the people of these states would have been in total and complete uproar, and deservedly so. 

Especially if it had been the reason Donald Trump won the election.

The National Popular Vote Plan is inherently flawed. Tell your state representatives that this is the case, regardless of what you think needs to happen to the Electoral College outside of replacing it with this plan or some other form of mob rule.

Thank you for your time.

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