Native American
Is it honorable for a man with a gun to shoot a man with a bow and arrow?

Is it honorable for a man to order the killing, castrating and segregration of millions of people?

Is it honorable for a man to steal land from people willing to share their property?

is it honorable for a man to trade a piece of cloth for the most lucrative metal he can find on your land?

Is it honorable for a man to steal your women and have them raped?

Is it honorable for a man to bring mental illness, physical illness and death to any country?

Is it honorable to sell faith to a group of people whom already believe in other gods?

Europeans know how to fight wars against eachother, as soon as the enemy turns a shade darker, they turn in to literal demons. My people in the America's were not prepared to be infected, robbed, enslaved, killed, castrated, and racially profiled by the invaders. The US and Latin-America were build on the backs of the Native-Americans not black people. They came and took our gold, they thought we were stupid but we have always trusted nature to guide us to the tools neccessary for victory.

The Europeans literally stole our future.

They mock us by creating this black vs white culturial debate while the true victims lay rotting away in reservations. I know Latin-America feel their Native-American side, only the Elite feel European.