Natsu Vs The Black Dragon King Envo
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"Fire Dragons Wing Attack"= Normal Talking


'Fire Dragons Wing Attack'= Thinking

"Fire Dragons Wing Attack"= Inhuman Being Talking

'Fire Dragons Wing Attack'= Inhuman Being Thinking

*Fire Dragons Wing Attack*= Spells

*Smash*= Sounds

-X770- Forest In Fiore

A dragon with black scales, a spiky sharp tail, massive black wings and gigantic horns the size of double decker buses was seen eating some five roasted boars which were not his 'Damn Natsu really knows how to cook, I should eat his stuff often' Envo thought as he continued to eat Natsu's food.

"who took my food!" Natsu screamed.

"There in my room here come get the bones" Envo said trying not to laugh his ass off.

"you better not of ate or I'll beat your ass" Natsu said hoping his food is still there.

Natsu runs to Envo's room but stopped when he saw Envo using one of the bones as a tooth pick

"You bastard how dare you eat my food now I'm gonna have to beat yo ass" Natsu said angrily.

"You think you can best the mighty black dragon King" envo said proudly.

"Of course I can I was trained by 8 dragon kings including you so come to the training field you charcoal faced bitch" said Natsu angrily.

"How dare you talk to me like that" the pissed dragon said.

Natsu just smirked to piss of the dragon more which he succeeded in doing. As they made there way tithe training field the other 7 dragons: Igneel, Thoudin, Lazurus, Icarus, Ieeno, Glacier and Tsunama were placing bets on who wins.

"I got 10 Cooked chicken on Natsu" Igneel said.

"I got 5 roasted boars on Envo" Icarus, Thoudin and Lazurus said.

"I got 20 BBQ ribs on Natsu" Tsunama said

"Where the hell did you get that" glacier asked.

"Don't worry" Tsunama said as he had a big smirk on his face.

"For some reason I feel like Natsu's gonna win so I got 8 boars on Natsu" Glacier said.

"I'm not doubting Natsu in any way but Natsu is up against a dragon King so there's no way he can defeat him" Ieeno said.

"So I got 19 deers on Envo" Ieeno said.

"Alright so we got four on Envo and three on Natsu" Igneel said so everyone knows how much bets are on Natsu and Envo.


"Are you ready to get your ass kicked you asshole" Natsu said with a smirk on his face

"You actually think you can beat a dragon King?" The black dragon said with the biggest smirk on his face.

"I don't think I can I know I can now less talking more fighting" the pink haired dragon slayer said.

"I'm all fired up" the dragon slayer with a grin on his face.




*Black Lighting Dragon Mode* 


"Who taught him how to do that" All shocked dragons said.


*Black Lightning Dragons Canon*

'Who the hell taught him how to do that' The black dragon king thought.

*Black Dragons Kings...


as soon as the smoke cleared Natsu punched the black dragon in the jaw which made him grunt in pain. The black dragon did a three-sixty spin and used his spiky tail which cause Natsu to slam into a tree.

"You bastard" Natsu muttered.

'Time To Change Modes' Natsu thought.

*Earth Fire Dragon Mode*

*Fire And Earth Dragon's Scorching Earth*

Natsu releases a strong punch to the black dragon kings back.


(Natsu Does Multiple Flips In The Air And Does A Super man Looking Punch But With Only 1 Arm With Fire And Earth Around Him)

"Aarrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh you bastard"

'That's the most pain I've felt since acnologia' the injured black dragon King thought.

*Black Dragon Kings Death Bomb*

'Damn what can I do that attack is way to strong for me to take on. I'll just send it back to him since I can't dodge it.'

'Time To Change Modes Again' The Young Dragon Slayer Thought.

*Black Light Dragon Mode*


"Can I change bets now" Icarus, Thoudin, Lazurus, And Ieeno said

"Nooooooooooo!" The other 3 dragons boomed.

-Back To The Fight-

Natsu's had black and white hair white on the left and black on the right and black skin on the right side and white skin on the left side and has a black sword on the white side of him and a white sword on the black side of him.

*Black Light Dragons Ying Yang Beam*

(A white ray with a black beam circling it)

"You'll be the one who shall beat the apocalypse dragon acnologia" Envo said before he passed out.

The blast easily deflected the blast and fused with attack. The attack was so strong that it knocked out the black dragon King but also knocked out the young dragons slayer because of magic exhaustion.


"Pay up" all three dragon kings said slickly

"There in my room next to my bed" Lazurus said.

"Mine are also next to my bed" Thoudin said.

"Mine are in that mountain over there" as Ieeno pointed at the mountain in the distance.

"Mine are underground" Icarus said sadly.

"Did you guys hear what Envo said before he passed out?" Ieeno said.

"No. What did he say." Icarus asked.

"He said Natsu will be the one that kills the dragon of apocalypse, Acnologia, do you think he's right about that." Ieeno told them.

"Yes I do there's if we train him hard enough in those five years he'll be the strongest dragon slayer that ever lived." Igneel said.

"That's true but he'll have to do intense training after we leave him if he wants to rival acnologia's power." Lazurus said.

"It's confirmed our son will be the strongest Mage that ever lived, so starting tomorrow we'll start teaching him our strongest spells/dragon King spells als we might have to contact more dragon King to train him to ensure he defeats Acnologia when Natsu's older. Ok?" Igneel said.

"Ok" the dragons said.

"Which dragon King shall we call because there's multiple" asked Ieeno.

"Atlas Flame The Hell Fire Dragon King, Garunda The Poison Dragon King, Enegma The Atomic Dragon King." Said Igneel.

"How do we find Enegma? He hasn't been seen for hundred of years. Said Ieeno.

"He gave me his contact lacrima since he owed me a favour I asked for that" Igneel said.