Naturalis Flora WIP
Naturalis Flora Work in progress This could be my best artwork if i was really focused and if i work on all the details. i don't know if digital would be faster, turns out most of the time, it's even longer. So i might still do a watercolor entry for the "Elemental" contest by Sakimichan. but to get the amount of details here, i need to work big XD I had first posted a "fire" element wip but she needs so much work, i don't have time to do a whole idea/concept. this concept here was already complete so i didn't need to work much on it from my original idea (i did this sketch like a month ago) It's not Gaïa, to me she's not like the mother of life, if she was, there will be animals on this but there's just floral elements, plants, earth. it's really just about what grows in the ground basically. I pictured Flora as the incarnation of natural growth. she controls everything that is coming from the ground. She is herself made of wood and plants. In the center of her roots, there's going to be a power source, like a life fluid or something, that's her essence, protected by the roots. the power of the element is really hard to capture. at first i wanted to make her "big" like moutain size but it would have been impossible to draw tiny bits of life, the scale was hard to choose so i went with a human size. I also added some strong symbols about nature, as a mini implied reference ;) To me, that's was elemental means. she IS the element. Now comes the tough part, i have to clean and work on every single piece of nature. and then color it. it's going to take forever. i like it lol