Naturalisat's Superhero sista's
I had this idea pop into my head of a crime fighting squad of curly haired sista's! They aren't related to each other by blood but by something else ties them all together and with the help of Naturalista bring them all together they work hard to fight evil and encourage each other and their fellow sista's to rock there hair any way it grows out of their head <3 Of course the do have their spats every now and then, like the twist out twins argue about which twist out is the best twist out. Are you team flat twist or team twist out? Also the curl rod cousins sometimes have to deal with each others crankiness because of their difficulty sleeping with their perm rods. While one cousin is cranky because of her lack of sleep, the other is angry because her curls haven't dried yet and the last cousin is dealing with her curlers popping or disappearing and she's tired of having to replace them. Laughter and other silly family antics are sure to happen when these crime fighting natural sista's come together. This is still a work in progress but I thought these would be fun little illustrations to do for my next patreon illustration project! I hope you guy's like this little preview <3