I decided to go the comic book semi-classic route with this illustration <3 I love a good superhero show and thanks to Ambyr suggestion, here is our own little superheroine! Her name is Naturalista and she fights crime while helping her fellow curl friends achieve that perfect hairstyle in the midst of climate humidity and,....the forces of evil XD I really had a lot of fun with this little skit and now onwards to the next $10+ pledge illustration suggestion! Isabel and Ramona let me know what illustration suggestion you would like to see too, me and Ambyr are on a roll over here and I'd love for you to hope in on the fun <3 Hmmmm...I think my next illustration might be some type of fantasy feel....or maybe a modern day illustration...OH!! I've been wanting to re-do an old illustration of Prince Lonelle from Bottled Prince! Speaking of Bottled Prince, I've been wanting to restart the comic but I wanted to put it in a different format and I've been seeing a lot of fun and creative Webtoon's and I think Bottled Prince would fit perfect within that comic format! I think you all will really like it too! I need to finish uploading the old files of Bottled Prince before I get started on the revamped story version. I think it's fun sharing the old style then getting started on the new style because you all can see how far the story and art has come <3
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