Naubby Dies
The head guard set out a warning to all the inmates of cell block four. He told them that the meatpie thrown at him would come out of their “playground” time, and that he would immediately execute the man responsible. In the head guard's own words, whoever did it had “thrown his last supper.” Despite the correct rules of conduct for a head guard being completely disregarded in this case, most of the inmates of Grendsa Correctional Facility were more focused with playing games on each other than pissing off an important figurehead. Though, when the sound-box sang out this message to cell block four, the inmates turned into demons, and all pointed their fat fingers at Naubby, cackling like hyenas would over a sparse dinner. Naubby didn’t understand that he was an immate of Grendsa, for he was incapable of remembering anything for over four seconds since he was a teenager. So, obviously, he was easiest to blame, and, of course, the inmates took the opportunity gleefully. The head guard didn't believe it was Naubby, but he also didn’t care who threw it, just as long as someone was punished. End of story. This is how Naubby found himself on the lethal injection seat, convicted of a crime that he didn't have anything to do with. First reason was because he was the only “patient” here at the Grendsa that “didn’t belong here,” (although he did, because that’s what they all say). Reason two, according to him, he did not throw a meatpie at the head guard because he didn’t even remember the last time he had meatpie. For that matter, he didn't even know why he was tied down in an uncomfortable chair, watching a pretty, blond nurse stab his arm with needles that had long tubes attached. Distracted by the prick, Naubby recalls a cactus plant that pricked him all the time when he was still living with his family... Where was he again? Naubby looks around. All so strange, he tries to begin his thoughts again, but is distracted because the room is different... Where is his family? No one’s here with him. Vaguely, he remembers someone blond. He's tied to a chair with tubes stuck in his arm. There's some people behind a window in front of him. Is that his mom? When did she get so old? Then, he doesn't feel anything as he realizes that the room is different, and his mom is behind the window. She’s so old. When did she get so old? As he starts to lose his life, he realizes that he wanted to throw his daily meatpie dinner at his cellmate. When did he last have a cellmate with such a long scar on his right eye? When did he last have meatpie? Where is he? He starts to look about the room again, but then he doesn't because he’s dead. His cellmate, Chen, is behind the window, hugging Naubby’s sobbing mother, watching Naubby’s soul descend down into the depths of his shell like a collapsed star, and absolutely thrilled that he won't share his cell with Naubby anymore. Chen was severely irritated by repetition. Everyone in cell block four sympathetically agreed with Chen on Naubby, for he was, in fact, quite a lunatic that couldn't even remember why he had tied his shoes. Chen would come back from the yard to see Naubby just untying and retying his shoes. All day. Of course, Naubby wasn't his real name. His real name was Glenn Fisher, but Glenn had developed a brain tumor that eventually took over his hippocampus, causing his memory loss. Until then, Glenn was able to look in a mirror and remember what he looked like the day before. Once the tumor took hold, though, he was 15. By 19, he was schizophrenic from the idea that he was not looking at himself in the mirror—he thought it was someone else. A demon. His family was concerned enough to first take him out of school, but eventually they put him in the more capable hands of a mental institute. The institute closed down shortly after that, and the Fisher family was not informed when the patients were placed in the newly opened section of the prison house. So, as it turns out, Naubby's mother was distraught with guilt over not knowing (until her son was sentenced for death) where her son actually was. Contrary to this, however, she was very happily crying.