Naughty Adventures. Magic Slavery.
I’m sure that many of you like the Harry Potter Universe. Now tell me, have you ever imagined these characters having some naughty adventures? I did, and not just once! ^_^

That’s why I decided to make a game in this setting. I mean in a very similar setting, and you can easily recognise all the characters if you take a closer look. I told you about this game before. It is called “Magic Slavery”. You’re going to see magicians, wands, different artefacts, supernatural creatures, and spell books there. The game has its own University of Magic, which is just like Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic and even the Prison, for those who commit magical crimes. 

Why do I tell you about the game right now? Because the demo version of the game is almost ready! I can recall one of your comments on previous postings where you told me not to work on so many games at the same time, but I did continue working – and I will show you the results very soon. 

I guess you have a lot of questions like ‘what are we waiting for?’ I promise to answer you very soon – in my oncoming publications. Don’t miss it! 

 P.S. By the way, in June the demo will be available only for patrons!  

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