Nautical Clutch - $25
You can order one here:

You can also order customs! Simply follow these steps:

1. Decide what kind of bag you would like.

Is it a messenger bag? A purse to take everywhere? Or maybe you just want something cool-looking, like a character plush.

2. Tell me the details. Leave it blank if it doesn't apply or if you want me to choose.

Item: [bag] [stuffed animal] [animal painting]

Type of Item: [messenger] [not soft] [bust]

Color(s): [brown] [quilt, no color] [my animal]

Medium: [cotton] [quilt] [canvas]

Closure Type: [buckle] [velcro] [n/a]

3. Once I confirm that I can do your order, I will give you several choices of payments. I will also provide a secure way to send you the item(s).

4. Once the payment is processed, I will begin working.

5. After I have finished the item and sent it out, I will contact you by whatever method you wish with the confirmation.

6. Enjoy your item(s)!