The Navigator: Colapesce
I've spent the last weeks mainly on this work, it was hard and exciting at the same time.

Hard because it wasn't simple to match the colors in a nighttime scene without the moon, exciting for pretty the same reason because I've worked with the color and the time of the day that I love the most. I feel like I have reached some points and I grew up a lot with this picture, really. It helped me in very different ways and made me discover this extaordinary character, the Navigator that maybe will show up in future works!

Colapesce is a character from a sicilian folk-tale, he is an half-boy/half-fish creature and in several versions of his story he die or lie deep in the abyss to support the whole isle of Sicily as a third column. Here I've imagined him escaping from the king and the only one who witnesses this event is our friend: the Navigator!

Tomorrow I will post a short story that I wrote on this work on the patreon only feed gallery maybe with some step by step insight!

 See you guys!

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