NBA Playgrounds (Switch) review
I really do like NBA Jam, so I was hopeful that NBA Playgrounds would serve as a proper follow-up to that franchise that Electronic Arts seems to have forgotten about. I assume EA still has the rights... unless they've gone to Warner Bros. Interactive or some other group.

Anyway, I finally played the new game, and now I've reviewed it. Here is a link:

I'm not ecstatic about how the review turned out, because the text doesn't necessarily match the score as nicely as I would like... but it's the right score. The problem is that the describing what doesn't work in the game takes so much time that it's hard to find room for words that put its visuals and other accomplishments in the right perspective.

In any event, anyone who reads the review should come away (I hope) with a good idea whether the game puts check marks in the right boxes. That's always the goal when I review something, and I'd like to think I managed that much, at least. As always, feel free to let me know if you believe I came up short.