NCR Lone Ranger Delayed
TLDR: Aelix Angry.  Episode not lost.  Just slow.

Hello Hello everyone...

Curse of "Episode 2" Has struck again!

Let me tell you the tale of NCR Lone Ranger Episode 2....

First, I had recorded the episode as I normally would, however I had a terrible cough and the last 10 minutes or so was me dieing over and over and over again.  There was more than once I didn't survive more than 90 seconds.  So, clearly, that "Take" had to go.

So then I remembered from the Fudemuppet build to get the Special book in Sanctuary, and use it for Endurance.  (which, in the first recording I had not done.)

So... I decided "Screw it." and re-recorded the episode... from the best place I could.  Because, apparently, I had totally forgotten my SAVE DISCIPLINE between here and Enclave Modded. >_<

So I record a MUCH better episode, with better pace and more witty dialogue.  Got the special book, and had WAY less death.  At this point, I'm feeling really rather good about myself.

So I load the new file into the Movie Maker... and I had muted myself. (from a cough-fit at the end of the first recording.)

The entire re-record... nothing but in-game noises.  And, of course, I have the radio's turned off and the music off its rather quiet and a little creepy.

Needless to say, I was mad.

So I load the game up and find... I had totally F-bombed-up my saves.  ARGH!  I can't even re-re-record the episode!  

Needless to say, I was VERY mad. 

So, as of right now, I am using Windows Voice Recorder to put in a new Audio Track for this, while I edit the movie together.   

This one is going to be rough.  Not gunna lie.  
My headphones like to start off 'almost muted' before it takes the gain up properly.   This happens more then once.  
I had to splice together the time IN vault 111, so there is continuity errors - the biggest being the first time I went through there was a legendary bug that dropped a crappy armor piece the first time, and a VERY nice gun the second time.

SO, to make sure everything AFTER that point (where I have the legendary gun) is proper I have to fake in the grabbing OF that gun.   Ugh.  Worst part is, I was playing a holotape the second time so along with the "Legendary Dong" sound, there's a crying baby.  Arglebargle.

So, yeah.  This is by far the most work intensive episode I've ever done.

But, I will NOT REPEAT the whole "Episode 2.5 ... Ish..." thing I was forced to do, for Enclave Modded.

I /might/ have to delay the start of the series, until I get this episode in proper working order.

Thank you for understanding.

- Aelix

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