Nebula Tier Launched!
Oh wow! We are suddenly pushed past our $500 goal! Thank you all so much!! We did not expect to meet this goal so quickly! 


It's time to introduce our Nebula tier! 

At the moment we only have time for 1 slot but we would like to increase it to 3 eventually. 

You can read all about our new tier below! 


We are here to give you personal editorial advice! We’ve worked with a couple of excellent editors over the years and we’ve picked up some great wisdom. We have applied that knowledge to our own work and developed a sense of comic structure and narrative. When you subscribe, you’ll have two fresh pairs of eyes to go over your creative project!

We can go over thumbnails, scripts or comic pages. Here’s what we can take on at the moment!

  • 1 Chapter of thumbs + that chapter’s script
  • 1 volume of comic script. (We’ll read over the whole script and start with basic advice on how to improve the flow and effectiveness of the story. If you would like to stay on after that month, we can go in-depth into each chapter. (1-2 Chapters per month.)
  • Prose/Novel first look. (We’ll read 1-2 Chapters of your prose/novel and give you our thoughts on the structure, tone and narrative.)
  • Comic pages (If you’re seeking advice or looking to take your art in a new direction we’ll provide you with critiques and resources to help you achieve the vision you have in mind.)

We’ll communicate through e-mail, that way you’ll always have something to look back on and we can gather our thoughts better. If you’re continually working on the project during the month of your pledge, we can correspond to your edits up to 3 times a month.

When you sign up for this tier, your spot is reserved and we can start as soon as the pledge goes through at the beginning of each month.

+ Everything in the Star, Twin Star, Star Cluster and Constellation Tiers


AHHHHHH! *screams* lol

We're so warmed by all the support we've received!

Thank you all so much again!

💗✨ KaiJu ✨💗