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Need a pick-me-up? :) I got you babe.
Hey beautiful people.

Only 5 years after I wrote this song, I now officially have a proper music video for Change the World. Lol.  I'm only slightly behind schedule!!

But seriously, I am SO beyond excited and grateful to have had the recent Rolls Royce opportunity, as we got to use some of the footage to create a little video of me singing my song in the airport!!!

Although there's not much of a story line here, you will notice that I am singing smack in the middle of all the airport chaos, and then people started to stop and listen, and take photos. How incredible is that?!

This was a magical day for me! I am so happy I can finally  share it with all of you.

Change the World by Jessica Allossery:

And if you haven't seen it yet, here is the Rolls Royce corporate film where some of the footage came from:

All my love. Thank you for your support this month <3


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