Needlepainting for Beginners Tutorial is Online!
Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? Over here in the Netherlands it's a beautiful sunny afternoon, my bunnies are dozing and snoring in the sun, lucky little fluffballs! ;) As for me, I've just uploaded a new pattern, called Needlepainting for Beginners :D It explains to you exactly how to make this little green leaf/petal in the picture, step by step, assuming you're a beginner at this technique. It's a bit easier than my other beginners tutorial, and it will be part of a series of 'Needlepainting for Beginners' tutorials.

 Each one will use these colours as a base and add a few more colours, a bit more complexity and a few more techniques every time, so if you follow along with them, you'll learn needlepainting techniques, get practice and have a beautiful little collection of works to show for it, without having to buy many new threads for every new work :D

Also, I put the 'preparing and finishing' parts of my first needlepainting tutorial(the blue flower one)in a separate PDF so you can download that and keep it on the side for how to start and end each project, rather than adding those 10 extra pages to every individual tutorial. 

You can find them both here:

Also, later tonight I'm announcing the winner of the corset giveaway, so if you wanted to enter but haven't yet, please do so! :D I hope you all have a lovely day <3