Needs, wants, and goals

If you want to help support me in my fencing here is a list of my current needs, wants, and goals!

- Become a competitive member of my club! Currently I'm just in the adult program which is $125 a month but the competitive program is $250 a month so any help towards this goal would be appreciated. Otherwise training lessons are currently $40 a session but this is apart of the competitive fee so there is that.

- Get a new lame with my name on it. The lame it self is a bit pricey at $190 and the stenciling will add another $20 to the cost.…/prod…/1094/cPath/16_18

- I will be needing new fencing shoes in the near future as well. This is the pair that I currently have and I really enjoy them…/prod…/1109/cPath/19_20

- A new saber would also be welcomed because at the moment I only have two and if one breaks I'm in trouble....A nicer saber blade will run me about $112…/produ…/977/cPath/45_48

- Been going to competitions which is always a pricey affair. Travel and lodging expenses aside there's just the general cost for going. Doing just one event can run you $70.