Neko Teaser
Little teaser, my Katarina wig arrived today along with the Neko keyhole set!! There will be 3 new photoshoots for my Patrons this month! (There will be a professional teaser photo of each for everyone, along with selfies!) 

Katarina Content: $30 tier will receive Neko Katarina lewd selfies and professional photoshoot wearing this set 

$50 tier will receive all photos from the previous tiers + sexy lingerie Katarina photoshoot and selfies (lingerie is a surprise) 

$100 tier will receive all sets including an another type of lingerie as well an implied shoot! 

That's 3 times the fun this month and has been A month in the making (been working hard to get this together and I'm excited to finally do the photoshoot this month. And 

I'm also working on a full Kitty Cat Katarina cosplay for this month too for everyone to enjoy. Hopefully ready to debut at Sydnova in a couple of weeks time. For now I'll be teasing with out of cosplay selfies in each lingerie set for everyone to enjoy C: If you want to stay in the loop with what's to come and support the making of the cosplay for this month, consider subscribing to my Patreon