NELA Fetish Flea
This coming weekend, I am returning to one of the few events I've gone to over ten times - the New England Leather Alliance's winter flea market. I'll be presenting twice, reading twice, and in between, hanging out in the bookstore shared by Circlet Press  and D. L. King . Sure to be dropping by?  Midori . You know we're gonna have a good time! 

Circlet will have my Marketplace books - buy from them and then scoot over to get me to sign them. I'll have The Killer Wore Leather (about ten copies, so if you want one, try to visit earlier rather than later!) plus What Would Chris Parker Do? and Middle Aged Guard and Kevtch but Act pins. I'll also have a Geeky Box of Awesome, containing random swag, toys, books, comic books and whatever else I throw in at the last minute. Every purchase in either room gets you the chance to grab something from the Awesome Box - while there's still stuff in it. 

My schedule will be:

Creative Disobedience: The Art of Being a WiseassPower and Authority ExchangeFri 10:00 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol
Ask Me If I Care: Tough Love for the KinkyGeneral SkillsSat 1:00 PM—1hr 30min—Bristol

Author ReadingsAuthor ReadingsSat 2:45 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington
Author ReadingsAuthor ReadingsSat 8:00 PM—1hr 30min—Barrington

Ask Me If I Care is my version of an AMA.* Attendees will be welcome to ask me...anything! Relationship issues? DS theory? Jewish observance/ the Leather Seder? Writing stuff? MY history? I have experience - I have opinions. And the best thing about these is I never know what the fuck people are going to ask about. At one in Denver, a question about celebrating a DS relationship within the context of Jewish holidays developed into a multi-person suggestion team that had people wanting to concert. (Grin)

As I often say, getting me to talk is not a problem. Getting me to shut up is the real challenge. Luckily, this class is right before a reading, so I'll have to leave. 

Speaking of the readings, there are TWO. If you like books, go to both. If you like books AND shenanigans, go to both. The afternoon session will be more-or-less a regular reading. We'll gather the usual gang of writers, editors, publishers and agents and take turns reading something. There will be random prize giveaways and a chance to buy books and/or get them signed. 

But at the evening reading, we bring out the booze. We've had Fairy Jizz, we've had Chocolate-Cherry Bombs, who the hell knows what we'll have this year? I'm gonna hit up my local hoochjoint and ask what their weirdest shit right now. Maybe some Rumchata Rootbeer float shots? Bring your own beverages if you don't do alcohol or you don't trust us (and you shouldn't, but what's BDSM without a little risk?) 

And somehow, we shall strive to do more readings! Not the same text from the afternoon event. And of course, you will be able to buy books and get them signed. 

Drop by the bookstore room in the evening to see if we're playing games (Slash, CAH, Telestrations...) and/or tasting port and whiskey, and, of course, showing pictures of our cats on laptops and cell phones. 

If you are a Patron - yes, including the $1 level! - come see me at the Flea and I will give you a free something. A pin, a visit to the Awesome Box, something.