NEMS 1.3.1 Has Been Released!
I know what his problem is - his coffee is too small!

Me, on the other hand... It's 6:45am and I've had a pot and a half of dark roast by now. No pre-launch delays around here!

And with a crazy week of development (NEMS 1.3.1, PlexPi 1.3), I am proud to announce NEMS 1.3.1 has officially released!

Those of you running NEMS 1.3 can upgrade to 1.3.1 with sudo nems-upgrade or new installs can be done with the shiny new image file available on our web site.

What's New

NEMS 1.3.1 combines all the updates that happened during the NEMS 1.3 rolling update cycle, plus Linux kernel 4.14.30, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ support, upgraded Webmin and its corresponding theme, upgrades to PHP, gcc and so much more. With support for the new Pi 3 B+, NEMS Linux has 15-20% more CPU power to work with on this new SBC.

If you installed the Release Candidate, there is no need to reinstall. NEMS 1.3.x is self-updating, and any patches, fixes or updates will be automatically rolled out to your NEMS server.

Thanks to Patrons and Contributors

I saw an increase in direct donations to the tip jar during the 1.3.1 release candidate cycle, and I appreciate that very much. I had to buy some extra hardware--the Raspberry Pi Kit #3 from our web site for example--and admittedly the hours I've put in since Monday are a bit on the nutty side. So the support of Patrons and direct donations, not to mention all the positive feedback and praise from the community, has really spurred me onward this week. Thank you.

And with that, enjoy NEMS Linux 1.3.1!