Neobites Presents- The Official Bit News Podcast Ep.1 " Pilots are Awesome"
 Welcome all and let your senses of sight and sound be amazed by the introduction of Neobites Official new podcast " Bit News" our first episode we discuss new game releases such as Resident Evil 7 and Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World, upcoming game releases such as Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn, and speak of some treasures in film and Anime this month under our segment called "Cinema Veritas" so join us and let the Bit News begin !!!

-Time Stamps -
February Game releases - 3:41
Top 5 in Gaming News - 11:20
Rumors - 27:40
Cinema Veritas - 33:30
Outro - 39:40

P.s. Sorry for the audio error at the end you all

much love to those who have helped us and continue to help us on our mission that is NEOBITES !!


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