NEONVICE: Brazil Episode4
Contribute to our Patreon crowdfunding campaign: Visit our website: In this episode we sit down with Patrick Rizzi of SHIO-Z and have the most official interview ever! Be on the lookout because we will be releasing the outtakes of the episode in the near future which i must say are hilarious and embarrassing. In our next episode (5) we take an in-depth look at SHIO-Z's track '32 Fahrenheit' (feat. Claudia Ortolani). Patrick reveals many details behind his track so no electronic music producer will want to miss this. If you take tips from this please consider contributing to the crowdfunding campaign. Thanks so much! This couldn't happen without your support so please spread the word! We have so much more to come in the upcoming videos for you guys! I'm so excited to be able to share this with you all! You can follow SHIO-Z here:
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