Nerd Cave Plus
Hey, everybody, we hope that you are having a great time with all the new things that we are doing with the Nerd Cave as a whole. We are working really hard to make all the new shows a success but we need your help most of all. 

Nerd Cave Plus is our latest show and it airs Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00PM CT. We would love you see you watching the show, listening to it on podcast services, submitting questions, feedback, or corrections. What I'm trying to say is the show is more fun with you involved. The more people we have sharing the stream to submitting questions the more people will hear our new show. We need your help because you know people that would like to hear this show so please share it with them. 

For the podcast side of things, we are available pretty much everywhere. We are on Apple Podcast and Spotify. Please take a moment even if you don't plan to listen to it as an audio podcast to subscribe and leave a review of the show. This helps the show get found by new people and continues to grow everything.

Here are the links to the show if you would like to use them: 

Questions, Feedback, Corrections: 


Apple Podcast: 

We are on Spotify just look us up *Nerd Cave Plus*



Thank you for all that you do in making the Nerd Cave the place to be!