Nerd Fountain 41: Nerd Fountain Podcast Episode 7
Salutations Parishioners and Well-wishers,

Episode 7 of the Nerd Fountain has erupted like a geeky geyser from the blistering and scorched Summer earth beneath your feet, for those that are willing to partake in it's godlike nectar's may rejoice in new found knowledge!

Talking points - Duelyst from Eric Lang (not in Beta) - AntMan Reviewed (minor spoilers) - BGG Forum Advice - Michael Bay's Epic CES Walk-Off(My bad Michael Crichton!), This and last seasons anime releases such as Aoharu x Kikanjuu, Gangsta, GATE, Steins; Gate, GOD EATER, Makura no Danshi (Pillow Boys), OverLord, Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace, and Jeff's #1 from the past 2 seasons, Shokugeki! - Nerd Dating and Friendship Advice.

Thank you to all of our Patrons. We will always be your pillow boys!