Nerd Rage: Episode 1
Hello Lovelies, I have joined this very fun collective of Youtubers who are also mostly writers, to meet once a month and Nerd Out. Each month we will draw a topic out of the jar and discuss that topic at length. April's topic was my question: Where and when would you like to live, and why? 

It got a little bit crazy, with debates on whether that included the future, or only the past, and devolved into a nerdish free for all of similar questions, like When and where wouldn't we want to live, and why! 

 Join us for Nerd Rage! At the start of each show, we randomly select a single topic from a those submitted by readers, writers, and viewers!

Request to join, submit a topic, or watch previous shows at

Topic: If you could live in any time period, what would it be and why?

Come find us!

Angela B. Chrysler
Heidi Angell
Richard White
Suzanna Linton
Stephen B. Pearl
Nick Paschall 

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