Nerf Combat in the Bush
Currently typing up Subtitles then publishing. 
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: Watch 1000 videos guilt free! 

Thanks to Alex's Techno Wizardry equation ( Is People = Has Adblock). We have determined that at least 82.33% of our viewers have adblock. Thus if you want to watch our videos guilt free, why not throw us a dollar. 

If you don't have adblock.... this is kinda awkward. Are you one of the many Lizard people ruling our countries from the shadows? Or an alien trying to learn how humanity reproduces? Could we have the dollar anyway, and maybe the formula for enteral life?

Unlocked: Democracy!
Sometimes we are torn on what to do next. To decide require countless sacrifices, hundreds of hours of battle, and at least 3 explosions, to determine what we are having for dinner.
However with your help we will streamline the process by putting it up to a vote... Also we will let you vote on the next video to come out aswell.

Unlocked: Definitely Not Stalking!
<Make sure to insert something witty and funny while including the patreon photo stream information> 
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Your name gets added to the Patreon Donor Wall in the MTB Workshop in a nice face sticker thing. It'll be all gold and shiny too.

Higher tiers get this too
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We are still finalizing the details but we'll be doing a run of MTB velcro patches
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We will be doing a modstream every other month and you will get invited to a live audience hangout to chat with us directly while we do so! Could be fun...?

Obviously higher tier Patreons get access to this too!
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Now thats gangsta! I will send you a photo holding $17 and the photo I sent you the previous month. Recursion! Humor? Please love me... -R
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A shout out thank you for your support at the end of a video
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We will straight up send you Justin's current "chair". I guess this could be useful if you are a milkman? See related Patreon goal...
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The Make Test Battle Crew will fly to your city, and pick you up for the most awkward dinner you will ever have. Alex wont even be dressed as a wizard it will be so awkward. Ryan will be drunk.
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