Netherworld Haunted House Halloween story.
I have always been a huge baby when it comes to scary things. Over the weekend I was forced to go to Netherworld, which is the biggest and scariest haunted house in Georgia. I had to endure over an hour of terrifying monsters and Lord knows what else, I didn't care enough to look. I had been prepping for this trip for over 2 weeks. I smoke two blunts before we left the house. Then we pre-gamed at BFF's house where I had a beer and a bowl. She was even nice enough to give me one of her weed lollypops. I was freaking out so bad. The line was 4 hours long for normal tickets, but hubs upgraded us to the speed pass, that got us in the house pretty quick. I was so terrified that all I could do was bury my head into hub's back and wrap my arms around him as tight as he would let me. I literally didn't see anything and of course that got me picked on by the actors in the house. They got super close to my ears and touched my arms. I even felt a few people grab my legs. It was the scariest hour of my life. I was so happy when it was all over. I survived and vowed to never do that again. Next year I'll just chill in the parking lot. Are you as scared of haunted houses as I am? What's your scariest halloween story?