📡🔍 Netiquette v1.0

Aloha Patrons!

I'm stoked to announce that my latest tool, "Netiquette",  has now been "officially" released! 🥳

Netiquette (or "NetIQ") is a lightweight, open-source, Network Monitor designed exclusively for macOS:

Via its simple intuitive UI, you can quickly:

  • view all network connections
  • uncover any listening sockets
  • filter and export network information

Netiquette also has a command-line interface in case you're more comfortable poking around in the Terminal, or want to utilize the tool in an automated manner. 

📝 product page
🛠️ source code
📦 download

Mahalo again for your feedback on the beta version and continuing support here on patreon!

p.s. I'll continue to add features (such as reverse DNS lookup), as well as integrate Netiquette directly into LuLu. Stay tuned! 

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