Neurons! An interactive animation.
You know how Parable of the Polygons was basically a half-game half-blog-post? I've been thinking about what other mediums we could inject interactivity into. One in particular, I think might be a great candidate: edu-videos, like CGP Grey, Minute Physics, or Vi Hart!

This is my prototype of just that, an interactive animation about neurons:

It's basically a sandbox, but with a Bastion-like narrator that guides you through it. And by Bastion-like, I mean it just responds to your actions, because my voice is not soothing at all. What do you think? Was it effective? Or was the voice and/or constantly-available sandbox too distracting?

I'm just trying this approach out, because after my last few rounds of playtests of I'd Like To Be A Machine, it was becoming more and more obvious it just wasn't working, even after several iterations, and I needed to switch strategies. So, I'm exploring this new "interactive animation" format, see if that's a good fit.

[Here was the last iteration of I'd Like To Be A Machine, in case you're curious.]

Thank you again so much for supporting me! Those of you who responded to the backer survey are credited in the above prototype, and you'll be credited again once the actual thing is out. ;) (if you missed the survey, last chance, here it is!)


~ Nicky Case

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