Never before seen video of Vicky dancing in Sumatra...
"Vicky always says that she wishes she could be a better dancer, so here we have proof of her humility and her rhythmic, foot shuffling, arm swinging, talent from a video taken by her sneaky husband in a dance hall near Lake Toba, Sumatra back in 2013. We flew and bussed and boated and taxied our way into this "remote region", not once, but twice. We loved the adventure, the people, the weather, the food, the inexpensive accommodations, the motorcycle rides around the rim of the lake, the children, the boatings on the lake, the swims, the opportunities to speak the gospel, and, as you can see, the music and dancing. Would love to return never know." 

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Best to you... Kenny and Vicky Allen...Now residing in Cotacachi, Ecuador.