Never a Dull Moment!

Hello loyal Patrons! 

Life in the canine rescue sphere continues as busily as ever! We have a few big announcements! 

First off-- 2017 CALENDARS! We'll be producing PWWR calendars with original photography fetauring our ambassador animals. More previews will be on their way as we finalize things. Sales will  be announced here and on our usual social media outlets. All sales will go directly to the rescue. 

Second-- FOX?? Yes! Not in our usual habits, an emergency situation called us to action to transport and locate safe foster housing for a tame marble fox we've called Roca. She is a delightful creature that was being held illegally in downtown Portland, OR. After an escape from her old home, her owner reached out to us for help. Now she is safe and we are vigilantly on the lookout for a new, legal home for the little sprite. 

Third-- LUNA FOUND A HOME! The best part of rescue is when animals find their perfect homes, and we believe Luna has found hers! Her new humans are loving and patient with her and she loves them just as much in return. Since Director Sage has worked so hard at building Luna and Sylar's confidence, the animals were able to be placed in separate homes. The mid-content wolfdog with a rocky past of escaping containment, animal control, and liver problems, is now on the up-and-up.  ♥ 

Your monthly donations help pay for food, containment, travel costs, and medical bills for these lovely animals. Without you we wouldn't exist to give these animals the second chance they deserve. Thank you again for your support from all of us at PWWR, especially the woofers.