Never enough!
Hey patrons! I've been fine tuning for a few months now. At first my goal was to get one day of continuous streaming full of non-repeating videos. That wasn't easy, as together with Tim the Scarecrow and Spooktergeist we only had a couple hours of video to work with. Then I thought it might be a good idea to include some of the fantastic public domain stuff I had come across during the production of Hyper Dimension Emergency Tower. That did the trick, but then my goal grew to having an entire week of streaming content. Somehow, I managed that too. And now I have much more than a week's worth of videos. So, naturally, I'm looking to have an entire month's worth of content. Every day,  every hour - something new. We have some new shows in the works to help fill out the schedule, which I mentioned in this month's video report. I also have over 30 movies to show. It'll be really cool to have a different midnight movie every night.

The plan for the rest of the year aside from the Strimm channel is to grind away at the Hyper Dimension Emergency Tower Halloween special. I recently animated a scene in a brand new set, a floor of the tower never seen before on the show! In fact, every shot of this special is brand new, nothing will be reused from previous episodes (which is the opposite of what this show was originally supposed to be. Oh well, it's for the best I think). I want to make this special episode, well, special, as it will wrap up the entire story. However, there will be certain fresh elements from this series that will carry over to the next incarnation of Emergency Tower. After this episode, I'm going to put together another special episode! The Unused Material Emergency Episode! will feature me and the other guys going over all the unused scripts, sketches, and other assets that are just sitting in my project folder.

My next project after all of this, Dimension 7 Emergency Tower, will be a video game. But what kind of video game? Should I learn Unity? Should I stick with RPG Maker MV? There are a lot of questions like this I've been working out in my head lately. I'll also be working on Dinosaur Dimension Emergency Tower at the same time! I know it seems like I'm taking on too much work at once, but the early stages of these two projects involve a lot of resource gathering and a ton of waiting. So planning this far ahead is actually the best way to go.

That's all I have right now. Time to get back to work. I'll spout some more words to you guys soon!