As I said before, I've been frequenting a night class from 4 years.

During this period I've seen people of every genre, but many of them have lost. I know that this school is made for people with any kind of problem: who works, who had some problem with his family or who is just lazy. I worked for a little period while I was also attending school (6 hours during morning in a call center), therefore I know how stressful can be; but I also see everyday people who work, study and find even a way to take care of their family. By looking at them I have learnt how lucky I am, always living a peaceful life without any problem, while they must grit their teeth and be strong every single day. They never give up, they don't say anything like "Not now, I don't want...", they do what is right and they can also find the energy to smile. Those smiles aren't because they are laughing, those ones are because they can still enjoy their life, what they have got and what they have obtained, thanks to their strength and their desire to live a better life, and to give one that they couldn't have to their sons.

By looking at them I now know that whatever issue I will ever have, it must not bring me down, because there's nothing that we can't do if we want. My schoolmates who have gone lost will understand, one day, that there's a way to live which isn't only lose time on little and unsatisfying jobs or just going around chasing stupid drugs, because this kind of life could be restful or carefree, but will end up in nothing. If you don't give up as soon as things get difficult, you will be able to live a life which will reward you for every obstacle you are passing, because the higher is the climb, the greater will be the view.

Even inside a dark sky, we can find beautiful colors. This is why I won't give up and I follow my dream, which is becoming real as every day that passes.