Nevermind about the animation
I feel like im looseing my grip on school things. I dont want to decrease from advanced math to normal math... I would be heart broken so dont expect the animation to be done in the next two weeks. But I am thinking of making an animation squad of my own. You dont need to have an animation yet you just need to plan to. That will change after acouple of people join. Then it has to be 2 animations unless you'r doing it on a phone. Becuase I know those are harder than computer ones.I will leave a link in my next post on how to animate on the phone. If you thought of a name I will accept or deny if its too cringey or has nothing todo with the animation squad. Please do not put anything down that says the young animation squad or animation sqaud. In my opinion it should have animation in it. If you would like to join comment.