Tier Benefits
Bronze Package
$3 or more per month
  • Early Access to any book chapters, stories, ramblings, fan fiction, short stories, etc that I write. 
  • Access to all recorded videos of series, instead of the scheduled releases found on YouTube for non-Patrons. Occasionally entire series are open for Patrons when the first episode was just released on YouTube.
  • Access to my World Anvil Articles, my Patreon Feed, as well as access to my personal Discord server. 
Includes Discord rewards
Silver Package
$5 or more per month
Everything above, plus:

  • Complete access to my Patreon Feed that gives insights into later short story chapters, ramblings on subjects, notes, works in progress, and so forth.
  • Grants the ability to vote on Polls for Youtube Playthroughs, new World Anvil Articles I write, and short story chapters I write.
Includes Discord rewards
Gold Package
$10 or more per month
Everything above, plus: 

  • Access to In-Progress and Finished Chapters of my Books.
  • Access to Patreon-Only blog posts that will be answering a variety of questions that may be offered.
  • The ability to ask said questions, posted in the Patreon-only feeds in the Discord, or by email at your preference and discretion.
  • Access to special voting blocks, live streams, and so forth in regards to my Youtube content.
Includes Discord rewards
Diamond Package
$20 or more per month
Everything above, plus:


  • A character in a short story, or novel, will be named after you or given any name (within reason) that you wish.
  • Free copy of my newest books when released (must have been this level or higher of Patron previously, or be one currently.) 
Includes Discord rewards
Titanium Package
$50 or more per month
Everything above, plus:


  • Access to the "Writing Commission" Patreon feed that will allow you to request me to design a character with backstory, appearance, personality, and so forth. Or, another form of writing you'd personally like me to design for you, once per month.
Includes Discord rewards
Platinum Package
$100 or more per month
Everything above, plus:

  • A personal thank you letter from me, digital or by hand. I cannot express the level of gratitude for this tier. Please don’t do this unless you truly have the financial means to not stress your life in the process.
  • Immortalized at the end of all of my videos in the credit section both at the end of the videos themselves and in the description of said video. (This is for as long as you are a Platinum Member.)
  • A free signed hardback copy of one series of books of your preference. (This is as long as you were this tier for one month or longer.)

Includes Discord rewards
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