New Circumstances
Soon, I will have quite some "different" financial circumstances, so I need to make sure, that even then, I will be able to continue working on GregTech, because GT is the most awesome thing to work on. This is why I have set up a Patreon Account in order to get at least a small regular cash flow, so that I don't need to worry that much about things, while working on the Code. And worrying about things is something, that really prevents me from working on the more awesome things in life, such as Minecraft Modding. But now to what I will do on Patreon itself: I will come here from time to time and talk to the supportive people in order to find out what Feature is needed the most, or to compare different approaches on the same Issue. Sometimes also to get opinions on my exgradient Textures. I do hope for a very positive outcome of this Situation and can only say, that even if it doesn't work out, I will find some way to continue. ;) GregTech itself is available in the linked Thread. There are a lot of Rules, but you basically only have to follow them if you want Support or if you file Bug Reports. ^^ or directly
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