New 30 with Lee is up! Billing & Content Reminder!

New 30 with Lee is up!

Hey guys, heads up! New episode of 30 with Lee is available and this go round as I'm tackling Gangster films for the next little bit. Kicking things off is 1931's Little Caesar starring Edward G. Robinson. Give it a listen. Feel free to send suggestions on films you'd like me to tackle in future installments by posting a comment here on throughout social media. Also, with the new month of May literally right around the corner this is a friendly reminder to make sure your credit cards are up to date so you can continue to enjoy the content without any interruptions. You should be billed sometime between May 1st and May 5th so make sure all is a green light. Once all has cleared I'll be giving shout outs on the next RCWR show during the second week of May.

Last, gonna be dedicated time during the weekend to pump out more content here on Patreon. Crazy right now with the NBA Playoffs but now that the teams remaining are getting smaller it means more free time so stay tuned.