New $4 perk—interviews in one uninterrupted episode
We've been conducting a lot of research lately looking at what our listeners like and dislike about the podcast. What we're doing well and what we can improve. 

Something a number of you have requested is access to interviews as one complete episodes. To do away with multi-parters and to provide you with the content uninterrupted. 

Well, as of today, for just $4 per month you get exactly that. 

The perk is this: 

Access to interviews as one complete episode. Never will you have to listen to This Is Horror Podcast interviews as two or three-parters. At this level you get the interview in one uninterrupted session.

You'll still get early bird access to the episodes in their 'go live' format, so if you're a collector—or just enjoy listening to the content twice in different formats for some reason—worry not! But you will now also get the entire unabridged interview, whether it's two-hours, three-hours, whatever. Hell, even if we pull an all-nighter you get it all in one single go. 

What's more if we get just one new patron at $4 or higher, or one existing patron taking advantage of this today with an upgrade we'll edit together and release the entire Paul Tremblay interview today! That's almost two-hours of Paul Tremblay interview magic. 

Hope you all like the new perk. 

Have a great day! 

Michael David Wilson  

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