New 40K Goal - Story Time with Damiani
Hello there Patrons! If you've been following me on Twitter or on my streams the past week, I've been talking about a new project I would be unveiling this week. Story Time with Damiani is a personal show that focuses on my experience growing up with video games. In this pilot episode, I discuss how I first encountered video games as a kid, which as you probably could have guessed, has to deal with Nintendo. Specifically, the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

If this show is funded, you will get new episodes every other week. The reason it will not be weekly is to not put too much of a burden on the already taxed editing resources we have here at EZA. So every other week, you would get a new story from my past. When quickly brainstorming topics, I came up with over 60 things I could discuss on the show, and there's plenty more after that. A lot of these ideas are tied to Nintendo and Zelda, yes, but there are quite a few related to everything else including SEGA, Sony, PC and even Microsoft. 

Hopefully the show will give you more insight into my background, but also provide entertaining tales that span almost 30 years of gaming history. Episodes will be around 10-15 mins long for the story portion, and I want to eventually include a Q&A section at the end of each episode. There might even be episodes where a story involves a special guest who will also appear in the episode. 

So if you like what you see or think it has potential, then the show can continue on if we hit the new 40K goal. If you would like to submit questions for the next episode (should we hit the goal), please leave them in the comments below. And be sure to leave any feedback or suggestions, too. 

*Patreon comments seem to not be working at the moment, so please comment on the YT video or in the EZA forum for now.

Love and Respect,

- Damiani