New $5+ Reward - Postcards Sent From The Road
Greetings from Philadelphia (on the road)! I'm announcing a BRAND NEW Patron Reward for patrons at the $5 level and up. Get a postcard sent straight from me to you when I am out on the road on tour - whoa! Who knows what strange and faraway lands I will be in when I send a little note written on the back of a postcard direct just for you. Not a $5+ patron yet? No worries, you can upgrade (or downgrade) your amount to give at any time and in turn show your support for my creation of rock music videos and receive all rewards offered. Today I filmed a performance of "Streets Of Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen while standing underneath the Rocky statue with snow falling around me. Bucket List - CHECK! I hope this tune makes the cut for an upcoming video upload for you to see :)