New addition to 20.00 support level!
The 20.00 level is a special place. A place you can get funko props, funko pops, drawings and jewelry, but now it's gotten even better! 

20.00 Supporters will now also be able to, if they so desire use their 20.00 reward to get 10 1.25" pinback buttons of designs from their favorite shows, movies, etc. The designs will be designed by me and could include quotes and fanart. 

(dramatic voice) But wait, there's more! Supporters will also have the option to make some of them holographic. 1 holographic button will count for two of your buttons though because of the extra cost to make them so choose wisely. (i.e. 10 regular buttons, or 8 regular & 1 holographic, or 5 holographic, etc.)

Not a fan of anything? How about of yourself? Instead of fanart buttons if you have a piece of artwork you like, your photography, your band logo etc I will make 20 buttons of that design instead. To keep me from pulling my hair out you can choose up to two different designs (i.e. 5 buttons of your band logo and 5 buttons of a picture of your dog pooping in the backyard) How fun is that?!?!?!