New Adventures!
If you arent following me on facebook, you may not be aware of a new development.

Big things are happening at Eastern Dragon Studios!

First off - we are taking a huge step for our business, in that we are cutting a day from our day job soon, and moving to a part-time 30h contract to spend more time working on EDs!!

To reflect this we have made some small changes to our pricing (mainly illustration commissions atm), fursuit commissions will be reviewed when we complete our current commissions and reopen for fursuit commissions. Check out our website if you wish to review our new pricing at

We are also looking at moving our opening date for fursuit commission slots as weve reviewed our commission lists and made significantly faster progress than anticipated. ETA of slots openning is likely to now be november/december, with work beginning on january/February 

We have also editted our opening hours on facebook to reflect our move to a somewhat part time basis, rather than casual basis.

Currently I plan to use this extra day to work on Patreon Content, research and development and making premade items.

Lets see how this new chapter turns out!