New Album in the works . . .
Once I watched a single hornworm caterpillar completely devour almost an entire tomato plant over just a few days, and in that time it grew so fast that it blew my mind. This astronomical growth and consumption reminded me of some certain two-legged creatures we all know about.  The caterpillar abruptly disappeared one day. I looked and looked, hoping to find the chrysalis with no luck. Bummer. No butterfly and no tomato plant, either. :-(

I learned later that these critters burrow into the soil and hang out there as pupae till Spring, when they emerge looking like a completely different Being, the magnificent Hummingbird or Sphinx moth, pollinating flowers and living on nectar.

Could Humanity have a similar life cycle?  My newest album, coming in the next few months, is about this metamorphic process that can feel like death to the part of us that is still obsessed with consuming the necessary energy to undergo our eventual transformation . . . when we emerge as a completely different expression of who we are, capable of contributing beautifully to the entire weave of Life.

Songs include:

  • I Will Find My Way Home
  • Breathe
  • Note to Self (Turtle Song)
  • Stand Tall
  • Great Wave
  • Into the Love I Have For You
  • Garden Song

Thank you dear Supporters for your commitment to helping me bring my work to our greater community. I would like to acknowledge you on the jacket of this new album, unless you prefer anonymity.