New album evolution - what do you think?
This photo from a wonderful new photo shoot I had with the amazing David Sachs! (For those of you who remember, he's the spectacular bassist who toured with me for a little while, and he's the one on the live album!)

Well friends, change is afoot - in the best of ways. Here's how it all went down, a quick summary:

Originally, "Fox Eyes, Whale Heart" was going to be a double album. A super-ambitious project. I'm all for ambition! But, something I realized while making the album, is that a double album wouldn't be as impactful for today's state of music fact, 12 songs was even stretching it. While my press reviews from the album were all very, very positive, the one thing they did say about it was that they thought it was too long! :) 

I do want to make sure and say, none of YOU or any of my fans (or anyone of the 1500+ people who's purchased it so far, for that matter) has said that, but the music critics are usually affected by what they've been listening to...and that just means the average CD they get is probably 10 songs or less. Anyways; we went with 12 songs instead of a double album, and I'm immensely proud of the final product (truly). I think it's powerful, and honest, and my Muse tends to want to hide itself during recordings (meaning performance-wise), but producer Scott Mickelson did a great job of getting authentic, passionate takes from me and the other band-mates that were a part of it. So ends the story of Fox Eyes! :) 

(I mean, it goes on, and it's going great, and we're still selling it, but that's how it came to be.)

So for my NEXT album - because that's how it works, always on to the next - I've been working in Portland on it for a while with Rob Stroup, another wonderful producer. my original idea i had was to 'rebirth' my very first record A Place To Belong and give the songs the re-working they deserved, and so we took 6 tracks from there, and then tracked 4 of the new songs from Fox Eyes ended up being recorded by both Scott and Rob since we were working on both records at the same time. 

But, I was still writing NEW new songs. So some of THOSE ended up getting recorded! By the end of August, we had: 

6 re-imagined songs from A Place To Belong (all sound great!)

4 songs that were also recorded on Fox Eyes, Whale Heart (Also great)

4 brand new songs.

And the new songs...well, they were fresh, so they just had more of my current story/feel along with them. And I struggled, because what I knew to be true was this: I needed to make an album of completely new songs. Even though everyone would enjoy the rebirth of these older songs, and the re-imagining of four of the songs of Fox Eyes, Whale Heart, it just wasn't time yet to re-release all of those same songs, no matter how beautiful the tracks sounded or how amazing the harmonies on there or the cello or the xylophone hits or you-name-it. :) I needed to make an album that was all-new, and then perhaps, as a bonus, I could release the re-births at another time.

So, there's an album that needs to be made of all-new songs with a wonderful producer (Rob Stroup) in Portland. But, ONE OTHER thing that people have been telling me is, although they love my albums with the full sound, they wish I had a CD that was just solo acoustic, representative of what they just heard after a concert, and that making a solo, stripped down, acoustic album - with just me singing and playing, and perhaps one or two tasteful elements per song - is what I should do next.

So there are my choices, friends: Finishing the fully produced album with Rob and Naomi that's full, lush, and has the full deal (percussion, harmonies, etc), and releasing that next, or creating an album (with new songs too) that's completely stripped down, acoustic, very parallel to what you hear on stage when you see me perform.

So I'm asking for your perspective: what do you think? I'd love to hear from each and every one of you! Please comment and let me know.

And by the way, new stuff is coming for September that I'll be releasing on here including another new song (hooray!) Thank you so much for your support - it means the world. Look forward to hearing your feedback below!

Much love,