New all-ages pre-meetup mixer!

Exciting news! Early access has been amped up from 1-hour early access to full pre-meetup mixer at 12pm for you and two friends (plus the 5pm early access)! 

That's right! For the same fee that we've always set for 1-hour early access, you'll now also be able to bring 2 friends to hang out, mingle, and play game demos in the special mixer area hours before the meetup begins downstairs at 6pm. You'll even get into the meetup an hour early at 5pm. You'll also get first dibs on the limited supply of Vancouver Twitch Meetup drawstring bags for collecting business cards and loot later on!

How do I get access to the pre-meetup mixer?

All patrons pledged at the RARE Supporter tier or higher get access to the pre-meetup mixer and can bring two guests for free! All guests must also RSVP to the meetup! Guests under 19 can attend for free with ID. VFS students can also attend for free with student ID. Any students wanting to attend the meetup at 6pm must also RSVP. If you have problems with this or can't create a Twitch account, please email us at [email protected].

What do I need to bring?

Check in with the Twitch name you used to RSVP at the check-in table and also provide your name as shown on Patreon. If you're under 19 and only going to the pre-meetup mixer, you're all good. If you're over 19 and are also going to the meetup, please also bring two pieces of ID to get stamped at the door for entry to the meetup at 5pm (early access).

I don't want to go to this mixer! Do I still have to pay?

The main event beginning at 6pm is still free. You only have to pay to gain early access at 5pm or come to the pre-meetup mixer.

Why are you charging for this?

It's bonus content to our meetups (which are free) and has extra demands on our staff and resources! We've always had a paid $9.99 USD perk of 1-hour early access at 5pm (on GameWisp and now Patreon), but we're adding this pre-meetup mixer perk and activities at no additional cost to that same tier, so we're really adding value to our original offerings! Plus, you get to introduce two under 19 friends to the community!

Read our full July 27 Patreon perks FAQ for more information!

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