New and Exciting Things \o/
Hey peeps! As you may notice, I am changing up some of the reward tiers... again :D This time, they should be staying the same for a good while. 

So, why the changes? Glad you asked! in recent weeks, I have been feeling more and more motivated to get my revamped works going out on a more consistent basis. I've also been had a few awesome idea's as to how I will be presenting my pieces when released!

Here are a few things I have planned:

1) I am going to be doing my best to commission artists to have custom artwork for each arrangement. In doing this, it gives me the opportunity to have my arrangements coming out and presenting themselves in a much more professional and eye-catching way. It ALSO gives me the incredible opportunity to work with different artists and meet awesome new people in the process (Which I am highly excited about!). I also hope to release hi-rez versions of the artwork to parteons of a certain level (Still am deciding on which tier to add that in). 

2) I would absolutely LOVE to collaborate with other musicians. I have been messaging out to other youtuber's and friend's in hopes that I can have them add their talents to my arrangements. I may also add in a reward to where I will feature a patreon of mine as well, though, I still need to figure out how I would go about that~

3) I will be setting out for a more consistent and easier to follow schedule of putting out a new arrangement every 1-2 months. This will give me plenty of time to put maximum effort into each piece as well as be able to organize any artwork and any live musicians I may have featured in my arrangements. This is also to include extra time between arrangements for personal/commercial projects and various life events that may happen intermittently~

As for the current arrangement I am working on, the piece itself is finished! I am now waiting on artwork and a few other things before I am ready to release it~

Thank you all for supporting me for as long as you have. I am excited for the new direction I plan to take my music. 

Stay awesome!

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